Camas Enterprises was established in 2010, based on the expertise of David Rogerson (Managing Director) and Mark Ashton (Director) along with associates and business partners. 

David Rogerson is:


  • A world expert in telecommunications regulation, with over 25 years of industry experience. He is a founding Director of Incyte Consulting Ltd, a leading provider of advice on telecommunications regulation, markets and economic issues, locally and globally. 
  • A lay preacher and leader in the Methodist Church in Scotland. He has 25 years experience as an authorised preacher, and has a Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies from Glasgow University.
  • He served on the Management Committee of Stirling Swimming Club 2007-13, and was Club President from 2009-2012. He is also an authorised swimming technical official.


Mark Ashton is:

  • A charismatic and versatile business leader and management consultant with more than 20 years' experience of managing growing businesses in the UK and USA. 
  • An experienced advisor to FTSE 100/250, Swiss blue chip, AIM-listed companies and SMEs on growth issues, including business strategy, business planning, organisational development, sales and marketing, market research, customer perceptions, pricing and acquisitions.
  • Focused on playing a leadership role in transformation(s) of businesses and supply chains via the correct (full) application of lean business principles, generating outstanding returns for owners/investors, reducing debts and increasing banks’ confidence to lend for strategic growth projects